Residential Homes

We are dedicated to helping you protect your investment by maintaining and protecting the exterior of your home from the damaging effects of Florida’s extreme weather.

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We inspect, repair, and maintain commercial buildings large and small. We install and specialize in drainage systems and large gutter systems…

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Home Owners Association

Condominium and homeowner associations can benefit greatly by our comprehensive evaluations and maintenance repair schedules.

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Rain Gutters

We install seamless gutters in aluminum, galvalume, and copper. We also clean and repair seamless gutters, drains and down spouts.

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We install and reseal flashing on addition joints, chimneys, skylights, and vents.

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Soffit and Facia

We repair damaged Soffit and facia. We install new Soffit and facia capping and Soffit vents.

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We waterproof and do regular maintainance on exterior balconies.

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Infrared Inspections

I am a certified FLIR level 1 thermographer. We perform infrared inspections of walls, roofs, etc., to detect moisture, leaking pipes, and A/C deficiencies in a non-destructive way.

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Chimney Saddles Dormer Ridge Vent Eave Rake Step Flashing Skylight Saddles Skylight Ridge Field of Roof Chimney Space Inside Low Profile Attic Vent Hip Plumbing Vent Facia Soffit Gutter Valley

Who We Are


About Pat the Gutter RatWe are a full service water drainage company specializing in keeping your home or business’ exterior water tight and well maintained.


We design, install, and maintain your roof drainage systems and waterproof your home or business exterior, including chimneys, rain gutters, flashing, soffit/facia, and underground drainage systems.

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